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This page is regarding my home workshop and will be in English only at this stage.


My Quantum D210X400 manual screwcutting lathe of German made.

Production in Yangzhou / China:

Since 2003, OPTIMUM Maschinen Germany GmbH has produced a large share of its metalworking machines in its own factory in Yangzhou China. The quality here is monitored by German quality management officers and production supervisors. The most important part of development, design and quality management takes place in Germany.

I purchased the lathe in 2006 as a demo model when the lathe supplier business relocated. I therefore paid less than 50% of the actual value. The machine is worth every cent I paid.

Watch this short video about this lathe.


This may be a rather small lathe compared to commercial lathes, but this is a serious modelers lathe, similar to a 7 x 16 Inch lathe.


So far I have replaced the turret toolpost with a Quick Change Toolpost. It is of Chinese origin, purchased from Adendorff, but it functions well.

I have removed the Chuck Guard and the toolpost guard.

Additions and tools:

I have a 100 mm 3-jaw and 4-jaw chuck, Toolpost drill chuck.

I purchased a Flywheel.

I made a simple spindle draw bar.

I made a knurling tool. (Will post pictures later)

I also obtained a secondhand vertical slide from Myford as a milling attachment.

Mini Milling Machine:

This is a mini modeler’s milling machine, purchased from Adendorff, with the following specifications:

Although this is a small milling machine it can do moderate milling jobs and a am satisfied with it. I have used it for a couple of years now, without problems. It is manual, but better than no mill at all.


1. Tool & Cutter Grinding:

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2. Knurling tool:

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