Bernadette Jean Barnardt se debuut boek is op pad.

Jess, the untold Story, deur Bernadette Jean Barnardt.

Bernadette se debuut boek sal eersdaag vrygestel word, na verwagting op 1 April 2019. Dit is die puik gehalte van Mar-Leo Publiseerders. Bernadette se boek kan gerus aangeskaf word teen R170.00 elk en sal beslis ‘n ereplek in enige boekrak bekleë.

Waaroor die boek gaan:

Jess grew up knowing that no one is coming to save her. With no protection from her mother, her stepfather made her his own torture pet. Subjected to cruelty she was forced to dissociate herself from what was happening, killing every emotion that made her want to die. Eventually she fled, not looking back. She began a new life, even managed to convince her co worker’s that she is just a normal girl. Until something happened and her concealment of the truth about her mental illness came tumbling down and the past she tried to run from caught up with her. Her monster was real and not just a figment of her imagination. Now Jess was faced with the same old shadows she had as a little girl and the same cruel man, haunting her life and her dreams.


Every part of your being tells you to keep silent. To dissociate with what is happening or have happened. A crime in it’s most evil form has transpired and you are the victim. You feel as though someone has branded you and you do your best to just fade into the background. Not wanting any attention brought upon the horrible shame that has been eating you up from inside.
The questions that repeat themselves inside your mind.
What did I do wrong?
Is this my fault?
Was I only born to endure suffering?
Am I a bad person because this happened to me?
Did I do or say anything to have let this person hurt me?

Then the ugliest of them all is how dirty you feel. The filth that crawl on your skin. You start to avoid eye contact and become anxious. The depression sets in and the memory of the horror never let’s your mind go.

You are silenced..
It hurts and it would probably never stop hurting but you need to speak up!! Break the hold the silence has over you. You ARE NOT ALONE. It wasn’t your fault. No human being has the right to hurt another. No adult has the right to hurt, abuse or sexually assault a child.

There is light after the darkness and hope after despair. You just need to speak up. Someone out there needs your voice, needs your story.

God created us all with a free will. We are free to choose good or evil and the person who did this to you chose to be evil. God had nothing to do with it. He kept you safe… You are still breathing and good can come out of your story.

I wrote a book called Jess the untold story and it focuses on the above subject. I chose to stand up. I chose to speak and reach out to others who are hurting. Abuse doesn’t stop just because the abuser stopped abusing you.. To the victims it sometimes carries on. They suffer. They hurt.

Not everyone has the ability to take a stand but today I am!!!


Her bloody hands shook as she swiped the sweat from her eyes and brow with the back of her hand. She looked down at the body of a man she had tried so hard to exorcise from her mind, from her memory.
She’s been trying to escape everything that reminded her of that little girl she used to be. She had been running from a shadow that followed her everywhere she went.
Her monster.


Bernadette wil bewustheid skep vir die newe effekte wat mishandeling op die psige en emosionele welstand het. ‘n Gedeelte van die verkope gaan geskenk word vir ‘n organisasie wat teen kindermishandeling werk.

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